Al Wida Ya Ramadan


We have reached the bitter-sweetness of bidding farewell to Ramadan once again. A sad time for many of us as we’re unsure if we’ll have the opportunity of tasting it’s sweetness again. Unsure if we will have the same loved ones around should we be alive to experience another.

Once we reach Laylatul Qadr (Night of Power) on the 27th night of Ramadan, we know that the most beautiful month will be leaving us shortly. Ramadan is like receiving a beloved guest. A guest we put our lives on hold for. We cancel all our social activities to be in their company only. We disconnect from the outside world. We don’t even keep up with the news. We stay up late at night and wake up early in the morning. We get through our days on minimal sleep and barely notice our empty stomachs. We rush through the evening meals to get ready for taraweeh (night prayers).

This beloved guest brings out the best in us. Makes us more charitable. Encourages us to be good to others. Brings out the sharing spirit in us. Gets us to reconnect with family. Forces us to come face to face with our ego. Inspires us to give back to our communities and those less fortunate than ourselves. Envelopes us in contentment. An extra effort is made to share suhoor and iftar meals as families. But overall, it fills our soul to carry us through the next eleven months, where we hold on to the memories that was left by our beloved guest and strive everyday to get as close as we can to feel the way our guest made us feel.

Al Wida Ya Ramadan.



Things that Inspires me

Inspiration: Stimulation of the mind or emotions to a high level of feeling or activity.Flowers

What inspires you? What inspires you to be e better person or to seek the unknown? It can be something as simple as a blooming flower or as profound as an insight that changes the way you view life. In these times, with a volatile economy, the wars on crime and drugs, the high divorce rate, the abandonment of children, we can all certainly use a little inspiration!

My List; Let’s start at the beginning:

-Babies: There is something about the innocence of a baby, they’re tiny, chubby cheeks, perfectly developed fingers and toes, their little pink tongues, and their innate knowledge that they are safe in their mother’s arms, that’s inspiring.

-Love: The love I feel for myself and for others allows me to constantly work to be a better person. Little expressions of love and respect that are witnessed between two people who do not know they being watched are just inspiring.

-My Country: Yes, we have our fair share of political drama, crime, our not-so-good national soccer team, but we do have a beautiful country, our diverse cultures and phenomenal people.Becoming a better citizen gives me hope for a better generation to follow.

-Seasons: The changing of seasons-out with the old, in with the new; tiny blooms, hot sun and crisp autumn leaves, all evoke strong feelings of new beginnings and helps me to remember that change is good and inevitable.

-Art: Art of all kinds, paintings, music, or poetry, can unite and inspire humanity and can comfort and restore the lonely and exploited souls.

-Books: As a lover of books, I cannot resist the smell of the pages in a new book! It is warm and crisp and oddly sweet and dusty. It creates an excitement knowing each chapter holds new inspiration.

-Random acts of kindness: A door being held open for me when I’m 10 feet away, a helping hand when mine are  full, even a smile of acknowledgement all inspire me to “pay it forward” and help the next person.

-Excercise: Ah!If I could just bottle that feeling I get from a good run, I could conquer the world, or at least that pile of washing that was left in the basket, not ironed!

-Writing: The inner workings of my mind as I process thoughts into written words. It often inspires deeper thinking, a looking inward, and constant re-evaluation of who I am and who I want to be.

-Healthy senior citizens: Now this is something that I could see a hundred times a day, and feel inspired a little more each time.When I’m at the gym, seeing an older person run twice the distance that I did, or gliding on the elliptical like it’s natural (I hate that thing!) That’s inspiration right there!

Inspiration comes in so many forms and most times when you least expect it. What inspires you? Seek and find your inspiration and then spread your wings and soar!