When Life doesn’t go as Planned

Most of us have a plan for our lives, relationships, careers, jobs, spouses, marriage, kids and so forth.woman-falling-off-ladder-007

We have these images, plans and dreams long before it actually happens, believing this “plan” will bring us happiness, success, joy and fulfillment, and what we imagine as an ideal existence.

But what happens when life doesn’t go according to our carefully laid out plan?

Our hearts break. Nothing makes sense anymore. Dreams disappear like smoke and seem impossibly out of our reach. We lose our faith. We lose control. Doubt creeps in. Then we try, desperately hard to get things back on track. We work, and stress and do everything we possibly can to find hope and a glimpse that at some point, this pain will end.

Then we ask ourselves the three most appalling questions;

What’s wrong with me?

Whom can I blame?

What’s the worst-case scenario?

The truth is; Plans are funny things. Most of the time, when we make them, we aren’t the ones who have control over the outcome. Sure, we can do our best and try to make them happen, but so much of our world – and our lives – are dictated by things outside of our control. We all encounter things in life (to some degree) that aren’t “supposed” to happen. Suddenly, plans change, and sometimes, totally disappear!

Many of us have to deal with impossibly difficult situations, that were never part of the plan. Though some of us are never faced with such dramatic decisions, we all have things that didn’t work out the way it “supposed” to.

I “supposed” to get that promotion by now.I “supposed” to be married by now. I “supposed to have achieved (fill in the blank) by now.

Life happens. Plans change.

Plans can be good, but when our focus is so intent on making them happen, it can be crushing when things don’t work out how we wanted them to.

The thing about our plans is, they can always change.


images: google.com