50 Shades of Darker

So yes, I have not had a lot of positive to say about 50SoG a week ago, but I found myself in guilty addiction mode, and immediately started 50SoD.

 Okay, so. The end of 50SoG, when we last left Christian and Ana, she had walked out on him, horrified at the depravity entailed in his life of BDSM. (Go ahead and Google THAT, people. I had to, so you might as well.)

As the second installment in Fifty Shades, what I got was much better editing, gradual and in-depth character development, and a teensy bit of frustration. On its own, this book was entertaining, well-written, and a breeze to read…I have to admit that I have enjoyed it more than the first. (I think it’s because now the love aspect comes into play)

I was more entranced with the story, so for me to enjoy it better, I started skipping all the “erotic” bits, which does become monotonous and predictable. I wanted to find out what happens next, as Ana and Christian’s relationship begins to grow, and the two cannot deny their feelings for each other. It ended where the pair gets engaged.

And then I started with 50SoF (50 Shades of Freed).  Only 2 chapters in though.