Time to Clean Up

It’almost that time of the year, where we bid farewell to the year that was. For some it was good, for others, not so good, for rest…..well, we’ll have a better one next year.

I find this time of the year the perfect time to clean up. (And I don’t mean just the clutter!)
I try to set time aside to clean up emotionally and mentally too. Letting go of past hurts, anger, all the not so nice feelings and emotions that I have managed to accumulate over the past year. I have come up with a method to this. I put pen to paper! The old fashion way! I write down events or conversations that has angered me, or caused any emotion that affected me in a negative way. I then relook at it, and ask myself if it is really worth holding on to? Most of the time, the negative emotion is not triggered after writing it, then I know it’s just my mind holding on to something that it thinks is there. (That probably doesn’t even make any sense).

I find it important to start off on a clean slate.
As we clear out, we make room for new stuff, as it does nothing for us other than weigh us down physically as well as emotionally. Letting go, gives one inner peace. The kind of peace that you see in children. The kind of peace that make you appreciate life! The kind of peace that everyone human being should have.