Almost 30 – Big Deal

It feels like forever since my last post! I have been so busy lately, I think I need to take my own advise, (Celebrate Yourself, Aug 06).

It feels almost necessary to post today, as it’s the last day that I get to say I’m 28! Now the thought of approaching 30, seems rather daunting, although, I’m not too sure why??? I guess growing up, when my parents were 30, they had 3 kids already, and just seemed to have it all together, and that meant they were OLD!
And then there’s having to answer to every relative as to why you don’t have any children yet (I don’t know? Maybe it’s just not written in my stars as yet?). And there’s the grey hairs popping out…like alot…and very often too.

2 weeks ago, when Mr.M turned 30, we spent the day after Acrobranching (A 2 hour adventure!) Despite the bruises and scratches, it was so much fun. I said to him that day, that I forget my age sometimes,(which is true). Besides getting married (the highlight of my life) nothing has drastically changed in my life, so it feels like I’m still 25! Only living the next year better than the previous.

So to me really, age means nothing….Its all about how you feel. And right now, I feel like I’m going to be 25 for a long time.