Fund – Raising

As part of my NPO, we chose to do fund raising for the Hear for Naleyah Fund. Just last week, we were able to raise funds at three different events. The first two were planned months in advance, with alot of stress and ‘pulling out of hair’ moments.

Goliath and Goliath

On April 30th, Goliath&Goliath (SA’s finest in entertainment) gave us the opportunity to raise funds for baby Naleyah at their monthly AWEdnesday Comedy Jam. We we were able to raise a substantial amount, from ticket sales as well as some great raffles on the night of the comedy show.

On Friday May 3rd, we held a Toasties Dance, at Club Salsa, Industria. We had a massive turn out and were ecstatic to have raised double the amount raised at the comedy show! (Unfortunately, we have no pictures) totally sucks, I know, but a great night nonetheless.

On Saturday May 4th, we were invited by Ride2Slide to raise funds for baby Naleyah at their Spinfest event. With just three days to plan and put something together, we were able to have t-shirts made,(thanks to 4bzink). We sold the t-shirts, and of course, what would a fund raiser be without a raffle? Mr M went as far and nicknamed me the Queen of Raffling. I’ll take that, I’ve spent the week doing what I love most, comedy, dancing and cars. The funds raised were just a bonus and all for a worthy cause.

On behalf of Heels of Steel,I would like to give thanks to the following people.

dot com printers
Jason Goliath
Donovan Goliath
Kate Goliath
Louis August
Dashing Divas
kofifi fm
Maxine Becket

We would not have had half the success as we did, without your amazing contribution. Thank you

images: Goliath&Goliath; Tyrone Noble Photography ;personal

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