The Internal Storm’s That We’re Just Not ready For

“You can outdistance that which is running after you, but you cannot outdistance that which is running inside you” African Proverb

I had it all under control. I was bigger than anything that came my way. I had all the answers to the questions in my head. I was the master of my life. I thought I had it all under control….Until I felt it. The BANG!


My soul needed down time. Two weeks, just two weeks off from all that was my daily life and practice. Yet,as my body and soul thirsted for it, my ego struggled with the decision. My mind knew it needed a time out, but my ego argued with me. Fought me!

When was the last time that you focused on really, truly not “doing” anything? My ego wanted me to stay busy; do the usual activities, keep pushing forward, and ultimately, keep things the same. It started becoming irritated by the stillness that the absence of those activities would create. But, my soul knew that calmness is what was needed.

So often we don’t want to “look” at what’s inside of us, and the ego helps us find ways to “distract” us, makes up “stories” or find “reasons” to avoid what’s inside. We all have different stories. But, whatever the reality is, once the ego no longer can keep us distracted, what is inside, will still be there, inside, waiting to be acknowledged. It sits in the eye of the storm.

Perhaps you have had the awareness that you are holding onto something, staying distracted, or running from whatever it is on the “inside”. The ego wants to keep you away from the eye of the storm; the soul just wants you to be authentic, feel it, process it, and release the energy’s hold over you. I knew that I had to.
Over the years I’ve noticed just how easy it is to give into the ego. When we have to deal with grief, losing someone we care about, or after a break-up, we “keep busy”. And by “keeping busy”, we simply suppressing that which is inside of us waiting to be acknowledged.


I looked inside of me, not only because I needed to, but because I believe wholeheartedly, that we have a responsibility to heal ourselves…from within. We need to leap into the eye of the storm…and embrace the stillness