Why I’ve decided to take the #100daysofhappy challenge

In our modern world everyone is running around trying to finish piles of tasks, running the never ending rat race; that happiness has become as elusive as owning that Ferrari customised to your specifications.

The month of May has been a very daunting time for me. So much so, that I’ve lost perspective of the little things that made me happy, even if it was just for a short time. Simple things like a text from the people I love, catching the sunset on my way back from work or those kisses on my hand that my two year old nephew is so fond giving.

On Friday, my good friend and colleague, Miss T, suggested that we start the #100daysofhappy challenge as of Monday 9 June. And I said ok, a bit skeptical though. At first I thought, how is this going to help me in any way. So the more I thought of it, the more the concept appealed to me. I realised it’s not about being happy all the time, 24/7 for one hundred days, because that will be impossible (but if you have the pills that can do that, please let me know).

So what happens after the 100 days are up? Nothing. I’m not doing this for anything or anybody, it’s purely for me. Just to capture those tiny moments and realise the importance of joy/being happy daily.

I will be documenting my daily “happy moments” on my instagram account. I will occasionally blog about it too.

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