Is Peace Ever Attainable?

“Never before have we had so little time in which to do so much” Franklin D. Roosevelt

PeaceIf that was true in  his time, how much more accurate is it today? Sometimes the fast pace of this life just overwhelms me, and I don’t know which way to turn. I just feel so ungrounded. Peace eludes me. My fast paced life leads to various types of multitasking such as cooking dinner with my hair still wet after a shower, or working at my computer as I gulp down my lunch.

Wouldn’t it be nice to just be able to put the brakes on, and stop the mad rush for just a little while? Stepping out of the continual raging whirlwind, and into peace?

Most of us turn our tv’s or computers on the minute we wake up, or return to our homes. We are so unaccustomed to silence, and yet we wonder why we don’t feel at peace. It seems like something or someone is always either talking, beeping, buzzing, ringing, or playing music every minute of our lives. Everywhere we go, there is noise. Sometimes the music is so loud in restaurants that we can hardly talk. And now, most of our favourite eating places have also added tv’s! This has always aggravated me, because how can anyone carry on a conversation with the tv blaring? We used to talk to each other, but there’s not much opportunity anymore.

We can’t even be quiet in our cars. Tha radio is turned up loud, drivers talking on their phones and cars that now have a tv up front, by the driver. It’s insane!

City driving is another distressful event on its own! If I even hesitate a second, when the light turns green, the person behind me is already hooting for me to get a move on. Sometimes I barely have time to get my foot off the brake and onto the accelerator! (Hence my hatred for driving) Tempers flare regularly as drivers race to get an available parking space.

Is there any peace on earth?

Then there are the continual technological distractions to keep up with. Our phones aren’t just for conversations anymore. We can access the internet, take pictures and videos, play games, download music, movies and series. There’s emails, instant messaging, social media, amongst a whole lot more. Have you noticed the billboards lately? They’re no longer just a large sign way up in the sky. They look more like movie screens, with moving pictures and flashing colours. Does anyone watch the road when they’re driving anymore? Could there be more continual stimulation to our senses? Seems like everything is in perpetual motion.

Everywhere we go, there is noise, chaos, and busyness. Can we ever get a break? Not in this crazy world, where we run until we collapse. We don’t give ourselves a chance to recover, do we?

What are we all looking for? I think the overwhelming answer would have to be peace. Inner and outer peace. I’m not even sure how attainable that is, but I do know that, that is most certainly what I am missing in my life right now.