Almost 30 – Is it time to ditch the Sneakers

imagesOver the past few weeks, I’ve had this crazy thought. I’m almost thirty and love my sneakers, particularly my Converse and Van’s, so at almost three decades, is it time to hang them up?

I went through my teenage years being the tomboy. I only wore jeans and sneakers. I watched soccer like I invented the game. I remember jumping walls instead of using the gate. The one thing, however, that I could never get myself to do, was to use a cap. I hate a cap (even on men).

I recall a time in my early twenties, when I decided to be a “girl”. I stopped wearing sneakers, and only wore heels when I wore jeans.
That didn’t hold up for too long though.

Before I knew it, I found myself being the store manager of a street-credible sport shop. Sporty clothes and sneakers at staff discount! Heaven! It was then that my love for these shoes were rediscovered, and has not left me since.

3a863403aa02075309c93179ce105b38I love heels, I love buying them and owning them, but wearing then all the time? Is it womanly possible? The truth is, heels are getting higher, and becoming more uncomfortable. They look gorgeous, I know, but the pain, I hate discomfort of any sort.

But should I find an alternative and ditch the sneakers?