I have adopted Live, Laugh, Love as my mantra for the year ahead.

We all look forward to a new year, it brings us new opportunities, new goals, new hope, a fresh start. But it also means that the new year can bring us new losses of loved ones, dreaded challenges, obstacles that we would rather not face. But of course, all the above is inevitable, so the best I can do is to Live -everyday, Laugh – More, Love – Forever……….

Live – Live each day as if it’s your last, and overall, Just Do It! Like they say yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift, that’s why it’s called the present. Life presents us with a lifetime of opportunities, but the opportunity of a lifetime is got when right choices are followed. Be present to enjoy the moment. Each day is a fresh start with options just waiting to be explored, so what are we waiting for? Explore, live on the edge a little, and embrace new challenges. Visit new places with loved ones. Take the road less traveled. Don’t stick to the same old, same old. Life is more exciting with a little adventure!

LaughLaughter is the best medicine. It releases endorphins and promotes longevity. Inner joy is beautiful!

Little can compare to the feeling of a deep, complete, heartfelt laughing spell. No matter your age, wealth, race, or living situation, life is good when laughter is frequent.

LoveI think more often than not, we take the people that we love for granted. We believe that we have forever to tell them and show them that they are loved. The people that we love needs to know that every single day, we never know when is the last time they’re going to hear it.

We often get so wrapped up in everyday life, that we forget the importance of family. The importance of spending time with family. This is time that can never be regained. The saddest thing is, we come to realise this when it’s too late. So let us love the ones that we still have and enjoy the time while we still have it.

“Son of Adam, you are nothing but days, and whenever a day passes by, a part of you passes away” (Hasan al-Basri)


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