Open Letter to my Husband

Four years ago today, we became husband and wife. At 25 and 26, we were just madly in love. We didn’t know a lot back the, but we knew one thing for certain; we belonged together. And now, four years later, I can say with absolute certainty, that the past four years has been the best of my life.

I don’t tell you this as often as I should, but I love being your wife. In fact, I am proud to be your wife. You continue to amaze me year after year with your ability to selflessly love me. Like when you insist on starting dinner (even though you’re tired), so I can have an early shower and relax.

You would do anything for me. You put up with me and my shenanigans day in and day out. Like my unexplained moodiness, and for that, you deserve more than a blog post; you deserve a trophy.


You were always the one telling me “you can” when I didn’t think I could, the one telling me “you will” when I didn’t think I would. You have supported me through every new venture I’ve taken on (and they change very frequently), all without blinking an eye or making me feel guilty. From pushing me to get my diploma in events management, to auditioning for Masterchef, and the list goes on and on! I would not be where I am today, doing what I’m doing, and chasing my dreams, if it were not for you. That is a fact. You have been my rock, my coach in the corner, my confidence builder, and my daily encouragement, for four whole years. Thank you for believing in me, and helping me believe in myself.

We’re on a new journey now, you and I, and there’s nobody I’d rather be learning and sharing with than you. We might be great apart, but we’re even better together.


You’re an amazing friend, and even better husband. Our marriage is far from perfect,but I honestly believe it gets better and better with each passing day. Thank you for loving me the way you do. Here’s to growing old and grey together! I love you Mr M, always have and always will!

Happy Anniversary


Things that Inspires me

Inspiration: Stimulation of the mind or emotions to a high level of feeling or activity.Flowers

What inspires you? What inspires you to be e better person or to seek the unknown? It can be something as simple as a blooming flower or as profound as an insight that changes the way you view life. In these times, with a volatile economy, the wars on crime and drugs, the high divorce rate, the abandonment of children, we can all certainly use a little inspiration!

My List; Let’s start at the beginning:

-Babies: There is something about the innocence of a baby, they’re tiny, chubby cheeks, perfectly developed fingers and toes, their little pink tongues, and their innate knowledge that they are safe in their mother’s arms, that’s inspiring.

-Love: The love I feel for myself and for others allows me to constantly work to be a better person. Little expressions of love and respect that are witnessed between two people who do not know they being watched are just inspiring.

-My Country: Yes, we have our fair share of political drama, crime, our not-so-good national soccer team, but we do have a beautiful country, our diverse cultures and phenomenal people.Becoming a better citizen gives me hope for a better generation to follow.

-Seasons: The changing of seasons-out with the old, in with the new; tiny blooms, hot sun and crisp autumn leaves, all evoke strong feelings of new beginnings and helps me to remember that change is good and inevitable.

-Art: Art of all kinds, paintings, music, or poetry, can unite and inspire humanity and can comfort and restore the lonely and exploited souls.

-Books: As a lover of books, I cannot resist the smell of the pages in a new book! It is warm and crisp and oddly sweet and dusty. It creates an excitement knowing each chapter holds new inspiration.

-Random acts of kindness: A door being held open for me when I’m 10 feet away, a helping hand when mine are  full, even a smile of acknowledgement all inspire me to “pay it forward” and help the next person.

-Excercise: Ah!If I could just bottle that feeling I get from a good run, I could conquer the world, or at least that pile of washing that was left in the basket, not ironed!

-Writing: The inner workings of my mind as I process thoughts into written words. It often inspires deeper thinking, a looking inward, and constant re-evaluation of who I am and who I want to be.

-Healthy senior citizens: Now this is something that I could see a hundred times a day, and feel inspired a little more each time.When I’m at the gym, seeing an older person run twice the distance that I did, or gliding on the elliptical like it’s natural (I hate that thing!) That’s inspiration right there!

Inspiration comes in so many forms and most times when you least expect it. What inspires you? Seek and find your inspiration and then spread your wings and soar!

I want to be a Phenomenal Woman

This past weekend Mr M and I attended the 50th birthday party of an exceptional woman. And after leaving the party, I have started thinking really hard, about me, not just as a person,but as a woman.

Whilst listening to the great speeches, I wondered: What would people say about me, as a woman, when I celebrate 50?

AA-women1-300x218I might not know what will be said then, but I do know what I would like to hear. Every woman has the potential to become a phenomenal woman. It doesn’t happen overnight, but working on ourselves day-to-day will ensure that when we reach 50, we can say, “I am a phenomenal woman; and I have lived my best life”

Then you ask, what is a phenomenal woman? We all might have our own interpretations, I came across this that pretty much sums it up;

A phenomenal woman is purposeful and passionate. She is driven by her thoughts, and makes her thoughts a reality. She has imperfections, but it’s what she does with her imperfections that make her phenomenal. She is always true to herself. She doesn’t have to be a certain size or shape. Religion, age, sexual orientation, the family she was born into, or the colour of her skin do not matter. She is strong, yet weak, and struggles with her own identity from time to time. She is true to her voice and inner self. She is resourceful and honest. She is brutal at times, forcing her way into the worlds reality. (Taken from Phenomenal Women: The Empowerment of YOU Loretta A. Cella)

I feel the need to make this a personal journey. Afterall, I have 20 years to prepare for my 50th celebration.


When Life doesn’t go as Planned

Most of us have a plan for our lives, relationships, careers, jobs, spouses, marriage, kids and so forth.woman-falling-off-ladder-007

We have these images, plans and dreams long before it actually happens, believing this “plan” will bring us happiness, success, joy and fulfillment, and what we imagine as an ideal existence.

But what happens when life doesn’t go according to our carefully laid out plan?

Our hearts break. Nothing makes sense anymore. Dreams disappear like smoke and seem impossibly out of our reach. We lose our faith. We lose control. Doubt creeps in. Then we try, desperately hard to get things back on track. We work, and stress and do everything we possibly can to find hope and a glimpse that at some point, this pain will end.

Then we ask ourselves the three most appalling questions;

What’s wrong with me?

Whom can I blame?

What’s the worst-case scenario?

The truth is; Plans are funny things. Most of the time, when we make them, we aren’t the ones who have control over the outcome. Sure, we can do our best and try to make them happen, but so much of our world – and our lives – are dictated by things outside of our control. We all encounter things in life (to some degree) that aren’t “supposed” to happen. Suddenly, plans change, and sometimes, totally disappear!

Many of us have to deal with impossibly difficult situations, that were never part of the plan. Though some of us are never faced with such dramatic decisions, we all have things that didn’t work out the way it “supposed” to.

I “supposed” to get that promotion by now.I “supposed” to be married by now. I “supposed to have achieved (fill in the blank) by now.

Life happens. Plans change.

Plans can be good, but when our focus is so intent on making them happen, it can be crushing when things don’t work out how we wanted them to.

The thing about our plans is, they can always change.





I have adopted Live, Laugh, Love as my mantra for the year ahead.

We all look forward to a new year, it brings us new opportunities, new goals, new hope, a fresh start. But it also means that the new year can bring us new losses of loved ones, dreaded challenges, obstacles that we would rather not face. But of course, all the above is inevitable, so the best I can do is to Live -everyday, Laugh – More, Love – Forever……….

Live – Live each day as if it’s your last, and overall, Just Do It! Like they say yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift, that’s why it’s called the present. Life presents us with a lifetime of opportunities, but the opportunity of a lifetime is got when right choices are followed. Be present to enjoy the moment. Each day is a fresh start with options just waiting to be explored, so what are we waiting for? Explore, live on the edge a little, and embrace new challenges. Visit new places with loved ones. Take the road less traveled. Don’t stick to the same old, same old. Life is more exciting with a little adventure!

LaughLaughter is the best medicine. It releases endorphins and promotes longevity. Inner joy is beautiful!

Little can compare to the feeling of a deep, complete, heartfelt laughing spell. No matter your age, wealth, race, or living situation, life is good when laughter is frequent.

LoveI think more often than not, we take the people that we love for granted. We believe that we have forever to tell them and show them that they are loved. The people that we love needs to know that every single day, we never know when is the last time they’re going to hear it.

We often get so wrapped up in everyday life, that we forget the importance of family. The importance of spending time with family. This is time that can never be regained. The saddest thing is, we come to realise this when it’s too late. So let us love the ones that we still have and enjoy the time while we still have it.

“Son of Adam, you are nothing but days, and whenever a day passes by, a part of you passes away” (Hasan al-Basri)