Don’t be what people want to see

I’m sitting here really trying to figure out why we live to impress others. It so exhausting! I remember back in my early years of life when everyone wanted what everybody else had. Be it clothes, toys or whatever. We had to get it because we wanted to fit in. We didn’t want to be the only one on the outside of the ring of popularity. (I, however was not one of those kids who got what I wanted and guess what? It hasn’t affected the quality of my life today in any way….So, thanks mum and dad.

Living in the adult world, fashion is not really a factor anymore, or is it? It seemed we grew out of all that nonsense, but have we? How do we do it now? If you take a look at yourself, how are you today as an adult? Living to impress? Only now it’s with material possessions, but a little higher priced than a Barbie doll or LA Gear tekkies! Our possessions now are the cars we drive, and the house and neighbourhood we live in, not forgetting the designer shoes, handbags, clothes etc. Do these things really define us? Does it make us fun to hang out with?

I don’t really know where I’m going to with this; it was just a thought that crossed my mind. But the reality of it is, you see it every day, be it in the work place or socially, even amongst families for that matter. People make it known that they’re in debt up to the neck, trying to up hold a certain lifestyle. Is it really all worth it? Do people really care about what they see? Have we moved into a time where we base our self-esteem and self-worth on how others perceive us?

I guess what I’m trying to get to is; simply be who you want to be! Walk away from people who don’t respect you as a person. Don’t change yourself; because you think that’s what other people want to see! Or because that’s what society expects of you

Believe in yourself and stop trying to convince others. James De La Vega


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