“Ugly” Witbank?

I am one of those people who doesn’t take well to criticism (especially when it’s close to home).

Today, during a conversation, (which I was not part off, just listening in), somebody said “Witbank is such an ugly town”. At that moment, I felt my face shrink! with anger! Why? beacuse it’s my hometown, and how dare someone make such an absurd statement after visiting the town (well it is officially a city) once, to watch a rugby game! It would mean that the person

drove straight of the N12 and down Watermeyer street to get to the @lantic Stadium. If that’s all that was seen, how can say that the place is ugly? Ok, in all honesty, maybe it’s not the prettiest, but there is some greatness to it;

Firstly, Witbank is home to the largest municipal dam in South Africa, Witbank dam! And yes, the resort might not be as well kept as it use to be, but the dam is still beautiful. (There’s just something about water that I find to be very relaxing). Ok, so Witbank might not have pretty gardens or parks to boast, there aren’t 50 soulless malls or museums that no one cares to visit, but if it weren’t for “ugly Wibank”, the whole of Joburg would probably be without electricity. Which brings me to my second point

Coal; Most of the country’s coal is currently mined in the Witbank and Ermelo coalfields. Witbank coalfield is by far the most important source of South Africa’s mined coal at present. Surely that should count for something.

Then of course, Witbank is home to Witbank Spurs and the @lantic Pumas, which was at some point coached by Chester Williams, and not forgetting the super great Duane Vermeulen started his career in “ugly Witbank”

Duane Vermeulen WP flanker

I’m not clued up with social scene at the moment, but I do know that with the limited entertainment we had, we made the best of it. Whether it was hanging out at the Ridge Casino, shooting pool at Cheekies, dancing the night away (ok maybe not night, but a few hours) at Memphis Belle, or spending Sunday afternoon in the park……Growing up in a small town was the best thing ever!

Confession; maybe I didn’t want to defend Witbank as a whole, but rather my life in Witbank. And if you live in Witbank; please do not call it Sh!tbank, it is not cool!

I still love that City


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